Meetings of the Parish Council

Please note the Parish Council is now in summer recess:  there is no meeting scheduled for August.

The next  meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 10th September 2024, at 7.30pm in Up Holland Methodist Church, Alma Hill, Up Holland, WN8 0NR.

Note:  from 7.15pm to 7.30 pm there will be 15 minutes for public participation

Agendas will normally be available at least 3 days before a meeting, posted on notice boards located across the parish.  The agenda for this meeting will be posted on the link below, when it becomes available:-

Mrs Elizabeth-Anne Broad JP, LLB(Hons), MA, CiLCA

Clerk to Up Holland Parish Council


Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) 2024

Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2023/24 is now available to view.

Notice of Public Right to view the accounts is also included below:

Notice of how we make provision for Public Rights to view accounts 2024

Up Holland Parish Council AGAR Section 1 2024_0049

Up Holland Parish Council AGAR Section 2 2024_0050

Up Holland Parish Council AGAR IA 2024_0048


Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Policy can be found here:



Minutes of full council meetings are authorised when signed by the Chairman of the meeting, confirming that they are an accurate record of that meeting.

Minutes of previous meetings can be found by clicking on the link for the meeting date below:

11th July 2023 Meeting: 

110723 UpHPC Minutes for publication

12th September 2023 Meeting:

10th October 2023 Meeting:

14th November 2023 Meeting:

141123 UpHPC Minutes

12th December 2023 Meeting:

121223 UpHPC Minutes

9th January 2024 Meeting:

090124 Up Holland Parish Council Minutes

13th February 2024 Meeting:

130224 Up Holland Parish Council Minutes

12th March 2024 Meeting:

120324 Up Holland Parish Council Minutes

9th April 2024 Meeting:

090424 Up Holland Parish Council Minutes


Up Holland Parish Council Bowling Green


The Bowling Green is located opposite Up Holland Methodist Church, Alma Hill, WN8 0NR.

The green is currently undergoing reseeding but there is some opportunity for Parish residents to use it on an arranged basis.  Bowling equipment can be made available on loan.

Please contact the Clerk at to arrange access.  

Annual Governance & Accounting Statements 2022/23

The links below are signed copies of the Audit papers, approved in meeting on the 13th June 2023, and amended on 12th September 2023, as requested by the External Auditors.

The first link explains the process should you wish to view the accounts.  Please contact the Parish Clerk if you have any questions at all.


Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2023_0030

LA0217 S3 External Auditors Certificate 22-23

AGAR Section 1 2023 Up Holland PC_0003

AGAR Section 2 amended Sept 23_0028

AGAR Internal Audit 2023 Up Holland PC_0005

External Audit Report & Conclusion 2021-2022


To view the final audit report and conclusion, please click the following links

Conclusion of audit 2021 – 2022

External Auditor Report 2021-22



Elizabeth Broad

Responsible Finance Officer

Up Holland Parish Council

External Audit Year Ending 31 March 2022

To see the Notice of Public Rights and publication of unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability  Return (AGAR) click here 16-Making-provision-for-the-exercise-of-public-rights-2021-22

Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2022

Annual Governance and Accountability Return for the year ending 31 March 2022  AGAR 2021-2022

Requisite information required to be displayed (Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Annual Return)

Section 1 AGAR 2021-2022 section 1

Section 2 AGAR 2021-2022 section 2

Section 3 AGAR 2021-2022 section 3

Mrs E-A Broad, Clerk and RFO, Up Holland Parish Council

External Audit Year Ending 31 March 2021

To see the Public Notice regarding the accounts for the year ending 31 March 21 click here

To see a Summary of the Electors’ Rights in respect of the Council’s Accounts click here

To view a copy of the Annual Governance Statement (Section 1) click here and the Accounting Statements (Section 2) click here

PLEASE NOTE: the Accounting Statement (Section 2) is at present unaudited and is subject to change.

David Hughes

Responsible Finance Officer

Up Holland Parish Council


Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Receipts 2022

In accordance with Regulation 62A of the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended) the Parish Council must published by 31 December each year a report on CIL receipts received during the previous financial year.

For the report for the financial year 2022 please click here CIL Annual Report to WLBC UpH 2022

For the report for the financial year 2023 please click here Neighbourhood CIL Annual Report 2022-23 Up Holland PC