Vacancies for Parish Councillors

There are 3 vacancies for councillors.

2 for the Newgate Ward and 1 for the Village Ward.

For further information please contact the Clek to the Parish Council

Public participation prior to Parish Council meeting

There will be a 15 minute public participation session prior to each Parish Council meeting at which members of the community can discuss their views and concerns with their parish councillors.
Meetings of the Parish Council usually start at 7.30pm, apart from the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held in May, which starts at 7.00pm

Meeting of the Parish Council

 The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 9 February 2016 in the Community Meeting Room, Up Holland Library, Hall Green, Up Holland, starting at 7.30pm. This is a special meeting to set the Parish Precept for 2016/17. An agenda for the meeting will be published at least three days prior to the meetings and can be found by clicking here

A public participation session will be held from 7.15pm to 7.30pm