About your Parish Council

Up Holland Parish Council was established in April 1983, and serves the village of Up Holland, plus the villages of Roby Mill, Crawford and Tontine. Up Holland Parish Council represents the civil parish of Up Holland. 

Up Holland lies on the slope of a ridge five miles west of Wigan and is a place of great antiquity. Romans if not stationed here, appear to have passed this way and left a figure, probably of Roman workmanship and stated to portray the figure of Victory to be cast up in a field at Up Holland in the 19th century. Up Holland is situated 4 miles from Wigan. Its most important buildings include the Church of St Thomas the Martyr.

At present, your Parish Council is made up of nine volunteer Councillors, who are elected by the community. Each Councillor represents a different area within the Parish. Councillors elect annually a Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Parish Council. The current Chairman is Cllr. Jenny Whiting. The current Deputy Chairman is Cllr. Christopher Mackrell.

The Councillors are supported by a Clerk, who acts as the ‘Proper Officer’ of the Council. The Clerk is Elizabeth Broad.